I'm a Systems Architect and aspiring inventor. This is my personal site, and there's not very much here, which I find to be ironically stereotypical.

I've had this site for years, and never know what to say about myself, so instead I'll mention a few other things.

First of all a Systems Architect is nothing like a Systems Engineer. Using buildings as an example, an Architect designs everything the building will be, determines what supports it needs, what the flow will be like, how functional it is, where the rooms are going to be, draws up blue prints and the like. An Engineer takes those blueprints and executes them to create the building. Software and related systems can be considered in very much the same way, just less concrete and rebar. As a Systems Architect I bring more than just creating a piece of software, or making a network talk, I bring the ability to imagine, plan, foresee and design. The fun part is that I'm also a developer, so I can build it too.

Now as far as inventions go, if you're interested in possibly backing an idea let me know and I'd be happy to talk with you at length.

Fun Fact: That spinning thing in the top right changes the colors.